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29th May 2002 Wednesday
A HongKong movie Shaolin Soccer is going to be exhibited from 1st June. I'm very looking forward to seeing it. The director of this film Chau Shin Chi is one of my favorite directors. I love his films. He is veriy famous in Hong Kong, but has not been famous at all in Japan. Only some HongKong Movie Manias knew his films before. But this time, this films is reported in many TV programs and I see posters of this movie often in the street or on the platform of stations. I'm very glad that his films become popular in japan. By the way, its chinese original title is It isn't Football in chinese is in japanese with chinese character is (Usually we say sakka-(soccer)). Japanese translation is + ( kick + ball ), in the other hand, chinese translation is + ( foot + ball ) , so chinese one is more faithful to the original word (=football).
25th May 2002 Tuesday
I had a lesson of Kitsuke(How to wear Kimono) today. At the office, there is one college who is the master of Kitsuke. Thanks to her, we practice it once a months. But I've been absent since several month. So this time, I forgot how to wear comletely. So it was not so good job, when I finish to wear. Anyway wearing kimono is so hard phisically for the biginner like me, you know? You wear the kimono and put on the belt in the style of Otaiko(a popular and basic style of fastenning belt) once and put off the belt, put it on once again for practicing. 2 hours pass with only these actions. When we finish, we are in a sweat so much and are so exhausted. When you put on the belt, you have to reach your hand until the shoulder blade for holding ! It's so hard ! So you need a supple body for wearing Kimono well and beautifully! I really appreciate the previous Japanese women who wore kimono in daily life !.
Thursday, 21st May 2002.
I had a strange question from on of my friends H. He has quite a lot of friends of English native. But among these friends, he cannot find anyone who likes French. They're rather than unwilling to contact with French. Peoples say that English might not like French historically. Americans don't have the same reasons as English people but they also have some unwilling feeling for French, neither. Besides according to my friend H, Australians and NewZealanders also have unwilling feeling for French. But in this case, it seems that there aren't don't special reasons against French.
Is it only Japanese who likes French especially? Who's remain neutral? There might be some reasons to say '' We are apt to oppose French'', but we haven't find the concrete reason yet.
An american said that he liked France if there was no French people in France. Some French say by paradoxically that they don't like American. One of the reason that I thought is, French joke is so sinical that ignore other country's people. After that, he will be discontinued to contact with French. I don't think that's all. It has always much of risk to say by stereotypedly. We cannot say all is true when only one true is true. Perhaps my friend H has friends who occasionally don't like French, I hope. I would like to have me some informations to solve this question.
Thursday, 17th May 2002.
Walking inside the Tokyo station, I noticed some indications in Chinese and in Korea today. Before, the main expressions had written only by in English ( and in Japanese of course ) but nowadays, those were added with Chineseand Korea because of The World Cup Football game would be hold in Japan. I tried to learn some words and expressions in Hangul after I started to practice
Taekwondo. I tried to read those words even that I've poor vocabulary.However, I can read phonetiquely, but I didn't understand any meanings.

Tuesday, 14th May 2002.
I bought a several books of Hiroshi Homura on the web site of He is a famous Japanese poet, the poem of thirty-one syllables called 'tanka'.
I knew his name because of one of his work 'The syndicate', published in 1990. Since then, his workes affected me a lot, even though it appeared so clearly upon my drawings or not, it continues certainly some influences for me. He is a special poet for me now. I didn't have his books excluding 'The syndicate' though, then now I reached some idea that it should buy them since if I had a chance to buy them. Or not, I would miss an opportunity to have them anymore. So I've got his collections. Moreover, I sometimes found his writings or some proses on the magazines or so. He works also as a surrogate(assistant) of the section cheif in a company. Wouldn't you mind to work with a poet in the same section, would you? I have an urge to do it!

Thursday, 9th May 2002.
Noticed by recent affair/incident, some agent earned illegal money of the camouflaged marriage with Chinese and Japanese home-less people. The news report says that this agent was arrested.
It's clear that those brokerages are illegal. But for the camouflagedmarriaged couples should be blamed eigher? It's difficult to judge. Incase of two peoples knew it and said it's OK, the marriage is in efficiency. If one of them didn't know, it's clearly illegal. Even though they loved each other or they did'nt know each other, only a paper could proof theirmarriage. On the paper, we couldn't find the real ''proof''. Well, whatshould I answer for the children if they asked me the camouflaged marriage was not good?
8th May 2002 Monday
I bought a bag at a department store Takashimaya in Shinjuku. Nowadays in my life, when I want to buy something of mine, I almost decide to go the following each time. I passed sometimes or more the department store Takashimaya, the Kinokuniya book store and the interior department store Tokyu-Hands. They are situated face to face in one corner, sounds me so practical. I think I don't need to go so far to buy somethings of mine. It'll be good for me when sometimes I feel so lazy, I don't go far purchasing. Generally, I don't like to take a lot of merchandises in a time, not everything. I almost hate to go shopping in all ways, taking a long time, walking and walking to find one things that I like it so much. It's so tired and it nearly killes me. Someone may say that I don't look like an ordinal girl, that we normally are thought the girls are fanatic to her purchasings. .

5th May 2002 Sunday
Last night, I went to the party of the exhibition of my sister. It was in a cafe whose name is Tiles Cafe just in front of NHK at Shibuya. There were many people who celebrate the exhibition. The master of this cafe is very ambitious to produce artistic events there. The atomosphere of this cafe is also nice, it'll be one of the place where I can feel relaxed.
1st May 2002 wed
I try to write my Today's little Thought and Opinion in English. I hope I can continue. I heard that especially Japanese people like to make web contents of Today's little Thought and Opinion rather than other countries' people. I'm not so sure if it's true.

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