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Tuesday, 30th July 2002
I've been taken the bottled ''Matsurika-tea()'' since some months when I was at home. I know that it is only jasmin tea. But for its sell, the registered name called ''Mari-hana'' tea. Recently, once my mother called it ''marihuana'' instead of ''mari-hana'' directly to me, looking the name on its bottle. Because the pronounciations of chinise characters in japanese are like this ""="ma", ""="li", ""="hana". The way of reading "Matrurika" is difficult for a nomal japanese. After that, I nearly feel sometimes that I drink the real ''marihuana'' tea. It's quite complicated. The company might thought those slight differences between ''mari-hana'' and ''marihuana''. Or not, if it were a real ''marihuana'' tea, it might be the problem ...

Monday, 8th July 2002
When I arrived at home after finishing my job, I saw three big white bottles on the dining table that I've never seen before I went out my home this morning. What's happened? It looks like the vacant coffee bottle of one littre each. There, amazingly three littres of yogurt in it!
My mother told me that one of the neighbour gave her some funguses of yogurt, so she made yogurt using them. But three littres? I didn't think we, my family, needed three littres of yorgurt urgently.
My mother showed me a sheet of paper which explain where it comes from. It showed that a doctor of Kyoto University took out this fungus near the Caspian sea from the famous village of long-lived peoples. Half in doubt, I tried this yogurt. That was nothing like a delicious! The natural yogurt of smooth taste, with a bit of glutinosity.
I tried this yogurt with adding a bit of honey of mass production at first. Then I remembered that one of my friend gave me the 100% pure honey made in Kita-kyushu (the district in south Japan), so that I tried to add this honey for the yogurt. Marvelous! I've never known this smooth taste with sweet flavor. How the natural taste is the best! This taste is completely far from the yogurt in the market. And more, it's good for health, especially for the constipation.
I imagine the story about the yogurt. Three years ago, from the village of long-lived people near the Caspian sea, some funguses of yogurt start to travel to Japan. By a hand after another, this funguses finally came to my home! I could nearly see the scenes of this village of long-lived people with some heart-warming thought.
I asked one of my colleague at work if she'd already known it or not. She said ''Really? Of course, I know it! The famous yogurt from the Caribbean sea, isn't it? Give me some funguses if you please.''

Tuesday, 2nd July 2002
About a comment by a friend which persuaded me very deeply. Recently I made a decision and it took five years. People may say that these 5

Tuesday, 2nd July 2002
About a comment by a friend which persuaded me very deeply. Recently I made a decision and it took five years. People may say that these 5 years look like completely in vain. But for me, last five years were nessesary to consider and make my mind firmly. When I said it to a friend of mine, she said, ''You just look like Mr.Three-years-sleeping-man!'' How imagine the story of Mr. Three-years-sleeing-man? I know, of cours this story. This is one of famous japanese old stories. Perhaps I might read this story when I was little. But I can not remember any details of this story any more. Maybe it's about a guy stay dull in all day and night so that he sleeps three years after a while. But it was different!
The details of the story is;
Once upon a time in a small village, there was a man who sleeps all day. Even thought the people tried to wake him up in any way, he continued to sleep. One day, after three years sleep, he woke up and jumped up to go to the top of the mountain. He moved a huge rock there and let it go down to a liver. The lock would be blocked the liver stream so that the stream changed to flow to the farm yeard that dried up completely for a long time. He saved this village in conclusion. He's not only sleeping but also he thought all day to find the best way about the dryness in village. To find the best way, three years nead for him.
I've found the deepest meaning of this 'once upon a time' story. So I recognized my deepest thought during last five years÷comparing by this Mr. Three-years-sleepng man's story. Also Iappreciate my friend that telling me this story. I wonderd that because her major at University was Japanese litterature. But I supposed also many people had already known this story. It's one of the ''common sence'' in this country?

Tuesday, 1st July 2002

I don't know for sure but concering about the ''diet'', to lose own pounds and to keep slender body, it looks like men do easier than women. Some men around me had lost their weights only for a little that they wanted. It seems to me that they did it so easily. How come? I asked them their way of diet. They answerd that they just eaten only Tofu (Soja cake=mashed & steamed soy beans) everyday or they ate only a supper in a day.
I thought about for women in diet oppositly, women watch out their own body in each minutes and so tightly. Sometimes she is completely serious. She makes a lot of efforts that she can do. For women, I suppose, have more difficults mentally. To prohibit strictly their own behaviours & customs, sometimes she cuts off all the sweets and the fatting things. Some peoples say that over-stress let women eating anormally.
For men, the cases are different. When they become fat, it isn't because of stress. It's rather becauase of their bad customs, as eating dinner at midnight, drinking everyday, overwork and they have no time for doing sport. It's not the same reason. The women attempt to conceive strictly of their ideal style. ''Wanna be'' reach so hardly to be their ''wanna be'', so that she slips easily to fall down. She cannot accept the defference between ideal and real, and that does cause more stress!
By the way, I wonder how come the men stressed by their work?

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