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Friday, 22nd November 2002.

For my web pages, I write out all texts in three languages at first by myself. But the text in English and in French was, inevitably as I'm not a native speaker, there must be much shrases with errors. So, some native speakers of English and French kindly sent me the mails of corrections from time to time, then I can correct them.
Among them, almost of the corresponds are with the French native, so French phrases are much correct than English one, I suppose.

Last day, I've got an mail in English. He wrote; You put the title "Sheeps" for the illustration which I draw three sheep. But the plural of "Sheep" is "Sheep", not "SheepS".Oh, what a mistake! I've completely forgotten about that!

For quite a long past when I was a junior high school student, I slightly remembered that I learned the plural of ''sheep'' is the ''sheep''. But after all my life, I didn't have no more occasions to need this knowledges. Maybe he study for the entrance exam of the university?
I feel a bit of shame, though what important is I think, to present my thought throughout the world.
Thursday, 14th November 2002.

The story about the Opera comes again.

I sometimes think over the internet is really great. Nowadays, we can search so easily to know all the Opera's concert schedules, conductors and casts of each play all around the world on the following site ;

What is more, this site is corresponding with the multi-languages, like English, French, Italien, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. As it called the ''Opera-Base'', it has really huge datas about the Opera currently in the world. It's not showed who or what organization or association keep this site but I suppose it's nonprofit. I also notice there's any advertisements nor commercial medium on this site. For some Opera manias, this kind of site may really ''the object of envy''.

I'm just interested in the songs and performances of the Opera, not so much in opera singers and conductors. On this site, we can search for examples, by the name of some specific opera singers, so that someone who wants to know about those singers, it just accords to their expectations.

Besides, much better and fun for me, constantly in the lack of time and money to go to the Opera concerts though, I know easily what play's performing now at the Kirov Opera House and so on...

Sunday, 10th November 2002.

Considering about the way for progressing of English and French at the same time.
To watch the English movie with French subtitles.
To watch the French movie with English subtitles.
I noticed this way was not so bad for me.
When I find some phrases that I don't understand in English, I recognise by French subtitles.
Then I don't understand some phrases in French, I understand by English subtitles.

But finally I know when I find some French phrases that I don't understand, then I watch the English subtitles, either both I don't understand. It may be totally the strange words and phrases in both languages. I'm sorry to say that it completely gives me up this time.

Friday, 1st November 2002.

I'm interested in so much Russian Opera these days. I tried to listen thoroughly about the Opera recently but among them, I only listen Mussorgsky's ''Boris Godunov'' . When I listen this work at the first time, my impression has quite
different fron other country's opera, the European for examples. The theme is also different with much political circumstances.

The European country's Opera is, expecially Italien (maybe), mainly about the story between the man and woman. If I might say, those stories are much sophisiticated to present and performe more than the Russian Opera, but I feel the plenty of popularity in the contrary. It touches me quite heartily. I now pay attention about an Opera, ''The angel of the fire'' of Prokofjev.

That's a quite anormal story. The heroine is a sister in one convent who's possessed with the demon. She showed her anomality upon the stage. At the last scene, she tried to exorcise her evil spirits. All the stage was filled with her lunatic performances.

Once it performed in Japan, lots of police patrolled all the surroundings of the stage. I eager hope to see this opera, neigher horrible or not.

When it performed at the first time, it was strictly prohibited from the Kremlin and the Vatican, so that this work hasn't perfromed much yet. Now the time passed. I wonder if ''The angel of the fire'' performe some places in the world. If I really want to see, I should go to Russia?

When I said once to one of my friend who graduated the Rusian language or mastered the Russian literature at the university, she said to me that she stayed in Russia by the home stay, she saw ''The angel of the fire'' there. She said it so peacefully. I now really have much of curiosity for this work.

Notes:Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
21st March 1839 born in Kalevo(north-west of Russia)
28th March 1881 die in Petersbourg(Leningrad at present)
works of Opera : Bolis Godonov, Hovansitina
works of Piano Suite : The Picture of the Exhibition(original)
After that, Ravel(1875-1937) was arranged ''The Picture of the Exhibition'' for the symphony music.

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