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Saturday, 26th December 2002.--
Looking Back upon the year 2002.

As the regular way at the end of the year, I was looking back whole of 2002. I thought I've got quite a lot of progress for myself. I renewed this site in May. After that I've had a worth-while encouter throughout the internet and the mails. Learning the way of this year, I want to step up myself for the next year. I have some plans now. I hope I'll try one after another and it would be done in the best way. I want to re-practice the taekwondo also.

One of my mother's colleagues Pakistani who gave us a video-cassette of their Wedding Ceremony in another day, gave us the rice. It's the long rice. A few months ago, I've fallen into the Asian ethnic cooking. In those days, I've been looking for the long rice. Now I know we could get it if we really wanted to.
As we Japanese who accustomed to the round rice, the long rice has quite a strange form. This time I can make everything that I want to do, all the cooking materials are just ready!

Saturday, 14th December 2002.---
The role between man and woman.

I've heard a man said, ''If I were a woman, I would like to stay at home for doing the house keeping, not working.''
It means the house keeping woman doesn't need to work in the company to earn money, not means that they're lazy.
Among men, they can't say they don't want to work. Nowadays in the 21st century, we have the equal rights for men and women on the statute book(only?), so that man must not always work to keep the family financially. I think there are some women who really want to work and willing to earn money for her family. After work, she would be come back at home and her husband is waiting with clean up all pieces of their house and ready to the impeccable dinner.

Monday, 9th December 2002.

As I'm using by Yahoo's free-mail, I've got quite a lot of Spwam-mails. Just now, I used to delete them immediately. But one day, I tried to read them with some curiosity.
Once I've read it, I thought them funny. It's like this; A man who's talking about the developping investiment of Africa. He asked money to someone (mail receivers) for the further investiment. It's the story of South Africa or Cote d'Ivoir or some developping countries.
At first I didn't understand clearly about that, so that I've considered them so seriously. I couldn't find who had sent this mail even looking for the sender's mail address. What the sender of this mail was thinking when he asked money like this? Would he really get some money? Who wrote this kind of Spwam-mail? What kind of his personality? What does he do? I felt interesting for his personality at last.
By the way, I leave some message on a BBS for announcing my web site. Sometimes I'm surprised that the domains of which people visite to my web site. According to access log, I can see that many contries' people visite here. In case from a country of the opposite site on the earth from Japan, or from a country I don't know where is exactly, even though I'm staying here in Tokyo, reste on stably here, but the mails come one after another from all around the world.

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