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Monday, 27th January 2003.---Amazed by the tons of access!

According to the guest book of my English site, during several days that many people visited to the page of Japanese Emoticons of my site. I noticed it looks like tons of access! I also received mails. It's amazing. I stared in wonder.

Then I recognized by someone who wrote me a mail that she visited from the linking site of mine. Not a few site have linked to my page. I've never known about that. So I visited sites which made a link to mine that I could find. Most of them made a link to the page of Japanese Emoticons(Smileys) in English Version. I found at least 10 sites which linked to my page today.

I've put an access counter of my site's top page, but I didn't know how many people visited the others pages of my site. The top page of my site counts around ten to thirty per day, so that I thought English and French pages also like that.

Then I had strong urge to know the real counts. I put an access counter on the page of Japanese Emoticons(Smileys) in English. During an hour, I've got one hundred fifty to two hundred accesses, total 3000 to 4000 accesses per day!

I was really surprised. The purpose of this page was to introduce a great variations of Japanese Emoticons(Smileys) to non Japanese people of all of the world, so finally I've got it! When I had made this page, I had never imagined that so many people visited.

So I'm very glad that many people discovered this Japanese culture, now.

Sunday, 12th January 2003.---How complicated the Korean language is!

I'm studying the Korean language a little by my self these days. Since I've already learned English and French, I know the grammatical differences relatively from Japanese language. But Korean seems more difficult for me. Especially the vocabulary. It seems to be so similar. For examples the verb(present form) is as follows; ''laugh'' is ''udda'', ''cry'' is ''ulda'', ''sit'' is ''anda'', ''come'' is ''oda''. It's not easy for me to memorize them.

The sound is similar,too . To memorize, I would have to learn those verbs by acting actually in daily life. If I learn only with reading texts, I cannot get any success.

Although among those verbs, the first verbe that I masterd is "eat" (modda). Then, I recognized myself that I love to eat...

Friday, 3rd January 2003.---A happy new year!
Wishing to be happy with good health and joyfull friends for all of you for the new year of 2003. Thinking toward the last year and looking over, I've enjoyed my life with a lot of your benefits. Thanks furthermore for your continuous favour.

By the way my new year's vacation rest only more 2 days for me...(I had9 days) I couldnot remember what I've doing during this period. I was stuffed well. Time flies quite rapidly.

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