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Monday, 3rd February 2003.--- Is the consumption society always sovereign good?

A moment that I bought something, I sometimes thought that paying and consuming all the industrial products may be one of the system since recent decades. For examples, when I buy some wears for me, we should always watch out a point that those wears were just on time or out-of-dated. This thought itself already gives us to act like a neil of wheel in this consumption society.

We nowadays use a lot of things made by plastic. But plastic productions cannot endure for a long time. So we should buy those things again, and again... Though I think we'd better make those things more endurable, more solid and more usable for a long time. But we do not. We will do not. That's the way of the industrial society. We may be forced anytime to buy, and anything to consume all the industrial goods.

''But if we do not consume anything, the economy of our society remain to the recession, never turn the upward tendency. So at least we should keep consuming'', one of my friend said to me when I explained my thought of our consumption society. Since she said to me so logically, I couldnot persuade him with my opinion.. I also thought that lots of people in this country had the same idea with him. I felt some disappointments that I couldnot find the good refutation.

Each season we should buy some wears for ourself. The fashionable wears keep a short time on vogue. After that because we were always forced to know what in vogue now, we should buy those fashionable wears one after another. Until a little years ago, I also acted like this. Recently I've reached to think they're only forced to consume anything.

So I had an idea above-stated, feel some disappointments for this economic and industrial society, asked myself how I act for the future and which to choose for my life. Should I move out from Tokyo? Or still stay in Tokyo?

Sunday, 12th January 2003.---How complicated the Korean language is!

I'm studying the Korean language a little by my self these days. Since I've already learned English and French, I know the grammatical differences relatively from Japanese language. But Korean seems more difficult for me. Especially the vocabulary. It seems to be so similar. For examples the verb(present form) is as follows; ''laugh'' is ''udda'', ''cry'' is ''ulda'', ''sit'' is ''anda'', ''come'' is ''oda''. It's not easy for me to memorize them.

The sound is similar,too . To memorize, I would have to learn those verbs by acting actually in daily life. If I learn only with reading texts, I cannot get any success.

Although among those verbs, the first verbe that I masterd is "eat" (modda). Then, I recognized myself that I love to eat...

Friday, 3rd January 2003.---A happy new year!
Wishing to be happy with good health and joyfull friends for all of you for the new year of 2003. Thinking toward the last year and looking over, I've enjoyed my life with a lot of your benefits. Thanks furthermore for your continuous favour.

By the way my new year's vacation rest only more 2 days for me...(I had9 days) I couldnot remember what I've doing during this period. I was stuffed well. Time flies quite rapidly.

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