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Saturday, 22th March 2003.--- A movement against the war.

Finally, the war has broken out.
I'm against the war anyway. So I was wondering what I could do for being against the war. Then I found this site. RealTokyo which introduce the information about artistic and cultural events at Tokyo.
They began "ONWAR projct" for beint against the war.I participated it, too.
If there are anyone who is interested in it. Please visite there.

Citation from this site.
So, the war has begun. Nevertheless, we continue our campaign linking up websites around the world in order to create a platform to discuss matters of war. Participating sites are absolutely free in the choice of the kind of their contribution, and the connection would be a loose one that consists only of links set up among the participating sites, indicated by an icon we'd distribute to them. There won't be such exaggerated actions as issuing common statements. Sites that have announced their participation are listed below.

Monday, 10th March 2003 -- Would I continue to go?

I came up to practice Taekwondo today. The examination for rising rank would be held at the first week in next April. I ought to practice so harder for that.
My job at present keep in the moderate condition now. Once in overwork condition, I couldn't go. I hope I can go to practice Taekwondo continuously.

Saturday, 8th March 2003.--- Don't begin the war.

It seems that the US of A is going to make war against Iraq.
In my opinion, of cource I'm against this war but at the same time, I understand very well that Japanese government can't declare themselves to be againt the decision of US. Because North Korea is just next to Japan. Japan can't be like France and Germany. We, Japanese are protected by America. It's a reality....I'm wondering what I can do to show my support for not having a war.

Wednesday, 5th March 2003.--- SiteRank

I've received a mail from a site "SiteRank" today. SiteRank received a recommendation about my site, so that they added my site in one of the categories of their site. It's the first time the Japanese site which contacted me.
This time, it looks like not only about the ''Emoticons'', but about all my site. Entry category is ''Art/Cluture'' and ''Artist'' item.
Am I an artist? I'm surprised. I hoped to be an artist some day. Being artist for me, at least helding some exhibitions time to time, earning money for selling their works and finally they could make both ends meet. I hope to be like this some day.
I was also known that once SiteRank's appraisement were down, it might be deleted. It depends on the access or some appreciations. It's not forever. Although, I've got a good news to present you at the time.

Thursday, 6th March 2003.---The Russian architectural guide book

I was looking forward to publishing the Russian architectural guide book since about a year and a half. Last day I've finally got it. I bought this book by I was really longing this book since I heard about it. Now I'm satisfied with it.

''The Russian architectural guide book''
It explains on the book as follows; ''Much of visual based photos with the text to present us an unknown wonderland Russia. This book pproaches us by all its historical, cultural and architectural section.'' ''A first complete book of the world which presents the history and culture of all over the land of Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church, many courts of brilliant and de luxe of the Russian Czarist days, the Russian constitutionism, the Starlin's high-rise buildings...this book introduces us profoundly the real Russian architectural charm that clearly different from the Europe or Asian taste.''

This book is real worthy to read by 450 pages of a lot. The price is 3,333 yen(about 28US$) but I think it's reasonable. This kind of book should be published not only in Japanese version but also in English, French and another languages version. I have a friend who lives in France. She is imigrated from Russia. She is a really good friend for me and when we meet, we talk to her a lot about the culture and the art. I want to introduce her this book , but it's so regrettable that the book is only in Japanese. I keenly thought how the Russian people kept their own culture ontinuously in the history. Not European culture nor Asian culture, I feel quite a strange emotion reading this book for myself.

This book presents the architectures not by the chronological way, but by the regional way such as the travel guide book. From Moscow, St. Petersbourg and Novgorod to the Far East of the Russia, this book covered all over the area of Russia. I dreamed to travel for visiting famous architectures of Russia one day.
But knowing from the book that much of the constructions were scattered the land of Russia, Russia is very big. I think it's so hard to visit all of them.
For the travel to see the Russian architecture in my future, so I have to study at least the cyrille alphabet and some standard russian conversations. The land of Russia keeps on shining and giving me his fascination more than ever.

Tuesday, 4th March 2003.--- Selected as "Best Of The Web 2003" by Japanzine

I received an e-mail that my web site was selected as "Best Of The Web 2003" by Japanzine. Maybe especially for the page of Japanese Smileys(Emoticons). It seems that Japanzine is a magazine which is distributed in Japan for the non Japanese people who live in Japan.
Anyway I'm very glad to hear it.

Now I have some ideas of my site begin to moving for the next step. I hope I will go ahead it from April...

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