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Friday, 18th April 2003 -- Practicing several forms of Taekwondo

I practiced myself the forms of Taekwondo today. Befor next practice, I should all to know. I spent all my afternoon to watch the video-cassette, repeating several times to understand them. Fortunately, I've accepted to take the rising rank examination. I should practice so hardly.

Wednesday, 16th April 2003 -- Can I do it? or not?

I went to practice Taekwondo today. I hope to go to practice at least once a week, but for now I didn't do that.
I practiced several types of art for the examination for rising rank today. Fortunately, the examination is on next Sunday. Unfortunately, I have no time to practice. I should all to know before the examination.
I learned with a black belt man at first, but it's difficult to learn. I hardly didn't understand. I watched so firmly and follow his example, but my head didn't accept to follow... stand face for upward, then face to the left... after that, turn as a circle, then face to the right... then I find that I lose myself. Once it changed the way to face, I couldnot follow if I was stepping out my right leg now, or raising my left hand high.
One of my teacher give me a video-cassette to practice the type of art for the examination, saying ''watch them so firmly for at least 30 times, then you'll be able to follow the examples''. It shows I'm scarecely impossible to rising rank? But I already decided to take the examination.Only the way that I should to do is practice so hard. That's all.

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