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Friday , 23rd May 2003 -- What should I do?

Now I'm at the first stage for drawing picture. The veritable prime time going on, drawing some rough sketches and imaginating several things. This prime period introduces for all, so that it's very important term for me. But recently I felt some board for my drawing style. I'm boaring the same pattern, same old thing. Should I need the further study? Or some triggering experiments to blow them up? Anyway all should I think now is how to progress about my drawing, contrary to several months ago I only thought how to keep my time for drawing.

I went to the Japanese-Korean Exchange Association's meeting this evening. I wanted to meet again some members of the previous meeting but I've found them a few. I've got some new acquaintances this time. Maybe next time if I go, I will meet them again.

Thursday , 22nd May 2003 -- Spam-mails collection.

As I have pages in English in my web site, I sometimes receive SPAM-mails. Most of them is like some business proposal in English-speaking countries. One of them was the curious porposal to ask an aid for whom keep a huge amount of dollars in the secret bank to export them to another country. Another was the ask an aid for the deveropment of a mine. Other's were the proposal to earn money to write in English only staying at home...and so on. Though I read them roughly, I understood them not so far.
Since few months ago, I also received the SPAM-mails in other languages. One mail in portugal from Bresil. It was the advertisement of a sport gym. Do they ask me to go to the gym at San-Paolo?(lol) I've received also in Chinese, the ad of a chinese company to let me know the line of their business and their businees report. Oh, what they expect for me? Also the ad in Korean to introduce the fragrance or some aromatic goods. I once received Russian mail. I tried to read them using by the altavista's translating page. It was the make-money's mail. The altavista's site is indispensable for me. They correspond with the multi-languages.

Thursday, 15th May 2003 -- a day in quiet & peaceful.

I went to the swimming pool today. It was raining and I decided to go in the late afternoon. I swam 2,300 meters. That took me about an hour and a half. The excercises that I took today were just right to keep me fit physically and mentally. It was surprising to see not many people using the pool. Having the pool to myself, I swam wherever I wanted to. I hope I could do this every time.

Sunday, 11th May 2003 -- A ceremony for exchanging betrothal presents

A ceremony was hold for my sister today. It's the ceremony for exchanging betrothal presents between the families of my sister and her husband-in-future. My sisiter will be married before long. I saw this kind of ceremony at the first time. This ceremony in Japanese style is quite interesting. Wrapping and tied by ''Mizu-hiki'', made by Japanese paper, within ''Konbu'', sea tangles and ''katsuo-bushi'', a piece of dried bonito. I was attached especially for the art of ''Mizu-hiki''. That's splendid. I wondered when it has started and how developped in the Japanese history.
Three of us, my sister is the youngest child. I'm the first. As we grew up, it was always me in my family to do something first; to take the entrance exam for high-school and the university, to chose the direction for own life. The first time I asked my parents to wear the contact lens, my parents could not allowed; they said the contact lens would be spoiled someway for growing up. But some years passed when my sister asked the same thing to my parents, they said ''OK'' immediately. When I asked the first time to go to the concert of the foreign rock musician, they flately refused. I felt a huge discord between my parents and me in those days.
That's why I expressly want my sister being first to do. This time, I let her know several difficults to do something first.
Anyway, the ceremony like that brings me to feel something happy. It's out of the usual life. Of course, we cannot make those experiences over again in the usual way. I felt so happy today. I hope to come the happy events some time or another.


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