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Sunday , 15th June 2003 -- A mail from a friend of mine.

received an email from a friend today.The email presented something thoughtfull problem that faced our Japanese society. It really made me think things over. I'd like to show this story.

''Disappointingly one of the worthest problem I see in Japanese society is that they ignore the life of the weak and standardization by the strong. Though Japanese laws have made it so every person whether they work hard or no-occupation have the equal rights, it seems as though the hard working men are the ones that are progressing and the other who don't work are left and unappreciated.

The unfair standardization began of course from the record-breaking economical developpement in Japan's 60-70's to become one of the major economic nation in the world. At the same time, the feminism pushed to get the several rights for the woman. Though we feel one side succeeded, simultaneously one side failed. The working woman could work in happy now but the other hand, the housewives don't have the same opportunities as the working woman. They're decreased the number of their rights and they feel no place to live. We will not benefit any longer the reduction in income tax for the housewives. The housewives either don't work or difficult to work will soon start to pay the certain amount to save up her pension that is exemped for the non-working housewives at present.

I feel more dissapointed in case of a young mother who recently had her first baby in her hand. At first normally she may feel so happy in her life, but they were just moved to this city and no one known lives there. The young mother need her husband's aid to take part in upbringing, but her husband who worked so hard rarely stay at home ever, now also he cannot give her any aide for growing up their baby. Not all families deal with completely like this, but something similar occurs a lot. There's certain enforcement from the company to work hard. It's the order that he should obey. Or he will be cut off. In consequance more and more the Japanese company compel their employee to work so hard, it will be really dishonourable for the new-born baby's life. It's one of the constitutional social evil in Japan. I am sad those Japanese companies are inconsiderable to keep the new life in respect. Thus, it's no doubt the birth rate in Japan recently may become the lowest.

In France by the way, such standardization do not exist. They don't lean only toward the strong, but they also see the side of the weak. I'm relieved sometimes that I don't feel any company's enforcement to work hard in other countries.''

She was a Japanese friend of mine whom we met when we were in France. We know how it is in France and its society. I think it isn't only in France but other foreign countries that do not adopt such crazy Japanese ideals. After reading this email, it just came to me how ridiculous the Japanese ranked their work first and their personal family life last. I know work is important and indispensable in our daily lives, but something is different from our ideals and the occidental's thought concerning the work. To live our lives in more humanly way, we are just at the point to consider what should we do for our Japanese future.

And more, she meant that the definition of the Japanese government authorities for the equal rights for men and women and the participation of the woman in society tend to lean the side of the hard working salaried man's point of view. It base on both man and woman working so hard. Naturally it would be so difficult to live the woman her life working and born the baby for growing up alone. The Japanese woman is not a monster.

The Japanese woman will no longer have their baby because of those ongoing trends. All the factors and the elements which prevent from having children are here. I am also the one who help to decrease in the birth rate in Japan. I feel almost physically to come the record-breaking epoque of the decline of the number of birth in Japan. Can we do any measures to deal with the effects for the decline? Do we just let time pass? The problem is only a few Japanese people think about this seriously. Most of Japanese don't think it so seriously. With the Japanese population decrease little by little, the world's total population will increase. At last it will seem as though the Japanese will become one of the nimor race on the earth..

Monday , 2nd June 2003 -- A problem opposed to practice Taekwondo.

Contrary to go to practice Taekwondo seriously in my mind, I could not go today.

By the way, the G8 was held at Evian in France at this time. Some media said that the difficulty between the president of USA Mr Bush and the president of France Mr Chirac. I personally support the side of Mr Jacques Chirac. You two do as you like. But in all around the world, only Mr Chirac could say ''stop'' to Mr Bush! Bon courage!
I've heard the US Presidential Assistant Miss Rice said in her speach such as ''we ignore Germany, we permit Russia, but we purnish France''. Oh, who are you on earth? I think her speach has much of arrogant sense. We should say in loud that each one is only a member of the same citizens on earth.


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