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Thursday, 24th July 2003 -- I've finally finished to draw a picture

.I've finished drawing a picture that I've been thinking over and over. From start to finish, this picture didn't took a long time. I learned how to draw pictures. After that I made some phrases for the drawing. I translated them to French. Then I asked to my French friend to check them. She's always so kind to check my French. She can speak of course French, and moreover Japanese, so that she checks my French comparatively from my Japanese. I'm looking for someone to help me for this native-translation in English.

I thought to draw at first this picture by the transparent water color. I went to Ochano-mizu last Sunday to buy some paintbrushes and the colors. However I finally chose to draw it by the colored pencils. I could count more and more stocks of the painting colors. Now I'm in the corner to reconsider the way for drawing; next time I will try to draw a picture using the water colors and colored pencils at the same time.

I do have several ideas in my head for drawings. The problem is, I think, I have regrettably less presentational ability for them. Time to time I felt some pressures for myself. Hoping one day I will get over the problem.
I'm going to draw another picture now. One of French friend wrote me a story. After he had seen them, he'd came into some story upon my drawings and he wrote it down to send me. So I've got an idea to coraborate to his story with my drawings. I want to draw more for his story. That sounds something nice, doesn't it?

Wednesday, 16th July 2003 -- Vanish

I once finished the drowing since last week but I couldn't accept its low-reveled expression. I vanished all of it. It comes to nothing at the end.
Sometime when I drow a picture, it works good and the painting technic becomes well. But another time, it do not going better. I'd expected to going better but now I know I was much expected. What should I do now...

Friday, 11th July 2003 -- A Stock of the Liquitex colors.

I continuously drew today. It seemed to take much time for drowing but it didn't go better. I redrew some parts that I've drown yesterday. I felt it was not so good. I redrew and thought a moment to change my mind. I took the different way for the original idea.
I also undecided whichever to paint. The water color or the acrylic? The Guache color? Finally I chose the Guache and transparent water color for drowing, althought I had much of stocks of the Liquitex colors.
I drew my picture in digital way since several years. After some intervals, I came back to analogue way this time. I certainly felt my technic for drowing picture went down. Anyway, I have an urge...the strong urge to drowing picture and the endless drowing ideas that let me surely shape them up for my future.

Thursday, 10th July 2003 -- A term of try-out

I added some colors to my drowing today. The quality of the drowing was so far to my first idea. Should I change the drowing materials? or need to change the way for drowing? I thought this drowing materials were intentionally chosed, so that it didn't fit its expression. I'd better try out to meet my idea in the best way.

.Saturday, 5th July 2003 -- A Meeting after-school

Today, I went to a meeting of my part-time-job's friends since we were in the university. We have this meeting regularly once a year. This time we assembled in ''Dai-ren'', famous restaurant of gyoza (chinese pot stickers) at Omori. It's one of my favourite restaurant.
I wonder how many times I went to this restaurant including when I worked in a company near hear. We always spent there the marvelous time.


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