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Wednesday 30th September 2003 - What am I really glad after returning.

I breifly say what makes me happy after returning to Tokyo.
- the highest internet communication speed ( maximum only 1MB in France! )
- free, safety and neat toilet room in everywhere in Japan.
- everything, everywhere, everyone is clean and neat.
- I could eat vegetables as much as I want to. I like to have meats of course, and it was always delicious in France but sometimes I felt to need more vegetables.
- I could read Japanese Manga and books. Time to time, I missed something Japanese.
For next time I go to France, I should make up to do my own cooking during the stay.

Tuesday 29th September 2003 --- Returned

I returned from Paris at last! Since I took a flight of some harder one, I slept three hours at first stage, but after following thirty hours I should be awakened. I had really exhausted. I'd better go to bed now. I must get up at seven o'clock tomorrow morning. Good night.

Friday 26th September 2003
I meet Marcia. She lives at Belleville. Around her apartment, there's one of the biggest chinese town in Paris. I want to buy some grocereys when I return from her apartment.

Thursday 25th September 2003
I meet Ania to have a lunch. I have a lunch with Ania and her collegues.

Wednesday 24th September 2003
I have a dinner with Regis and Catherine and a Franco-Japonais couple.

Tuesday 23rd September 2003
I meet Tia and Nicola. We have a lunch together. I meet JM in the evening.

Friday 19th September 2003
I planed to have a lunch with Ania and her collegues, but it was canceled.Then I went to central of Paris.
In the evening, I see Andrei Tarkovsky's movie ''Solaris'' with Ania and her family at home. Since they are origine of Russia, so they understand all the dialogs of the film. But some time, there ware some partie without subtitles!

Thursday 18th September 2003
I meet Ms M-chan. She was married with a French. I passed the Patisserie to buy some gateaux. We spend a nice time to walk through Odeon to Saint-Germain-des-Pres and near there. We passed un cafe to have a tea time, and so on.
After that I go to Tia's apartment where she lives at Gare-de-l'est. She has a six-months baby now. How cute he is! I spend her big and clean apartment this night.

Tuesday 16th September 2003
I see several ballet's Galla at the Theatre-de-champs-Elysee with Ania. It's a sort of digest part of the several famous ballet works. That was quite nice.

Sunday 14th September 2003
Today was Ania's birthday party. Maybe about twenty people come to the party. I talked a lot but amang these twenty people, only 3 of them including of me who cannot speak Russian language. It was quite hard for me.

Saturday 13th September 2003
In the evening, I went to a off line-meeting of Franco-Japonais at Paris. I exchanged address with some people.

Friday 12th September 2003
I went to Paris by TGV departed at noon. I arrived at Paris in the afternoon. I settled down at one of my best friend, Ania's house.

Thursday 11th September 2003
I went to Erwan's parent's house. There is also Erwan's brother's atelier. I saw his brother's illustrations. In the night we went to a bar with his friends to talk over. We talked a lot.

Wednesday 10th September 2003
I went to see Calgnac, Concarnaux. There, I have some crepes with Erwan, Didier, Virginir, Erwan's brother, Ronan and his girlfriend in a restaurant.

Tuesday 9th September 2003
I went to Belle-Ile island. I was accompanied by Isabelle who's Erwan's mother's friend. In the evening, I went to see Judo lesson that Erwan practiced.. There is two professors of Judo, Stephan and Ivan.

Monday 8th September 2003
I went to La chapelle, Saint Barbe Chapelle. I passed to see Pont-Avent where Gaugin painted.
Sunday 7th September 2003
We went to see the Bretagne Music concour. It was a sort of local festival. Erwan and Guaelle's friends also came a lot.

Saturday 6th September 2003

Arrived at Paris. 3 hours wait at Kualalunpur. Kuaralunpur <=> Paris 12 hours of flight. I'm a little exausted. One of my friend come to the Airport of Paris. I spend at Paris in the morning hours. I went to Bretagne by TGV departed at noon. I spend at Erwan and Guaelle's apartment. In the night we went to their friend's house, Didier and Virginir. We spent a nice time.

Friday 5th September 2003
Departure at Narita(Tokyo). Transit by Kuaralunpur(Malaysia) Narita<=>Kuaralunpur 7hours of flight

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