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Friday 24th October 2003 - A French friend and The Japanese-Korean exchange meeting.

Time to time I went to the Japanese-Korean exchange meeting. This time I took one of my French friends out to this meeting. I asked him if he wanted to go or not, he said he was interested about that. So we went together.

He doesn't speak Korean at all, he only speaks a little bit of Japanese. But I let him give a chance to meet several Japanese while he was in Japan. I thought there might be someone who spoke English amang the people at the meeting. But after that I was surprised there was quite a lot of people who could speak French, even thought they speak so fluently in Korean.

Maybe they learned French as the second language when they were in the university. The French is not so useful at present in the business scene, contrary to the Chinese or the Korean languages. They don't use French at all now, but they learned it before.

I felt so nice at the meeting this time. I learned a lot of Korean asking what's meaning about that, when I heard some words or phrases I didn't know. I spoke only Japanese to learn Korean but I spent a nice time.

Sunday 19th October 2003 - The badboys-walker women.

I said to my sister and her boyfriend about ''the good-for-nothing guys-walker woman''. It was since several years ago in Japan, some girls start to say that a kind of woman tend to love good-for-nothing guys everytime. We means '' good-for-nothing '' guys who is always rely on his girlfriend, merely independing on her and depending always (also economically) on her. He is not a real ''man''. About these category, we define by the side of woman '' the good-for-nothing guys-walker woman''. So, this time I said to them about that. As I expected, they said they didn't heard about that. What they don't know is, whom not concerned about it.

I'm sure if we don't need something, we never know for it. That's one of the better way to live our lives happily. I don't mean I am a good-for-nothing guys-walking woman. Only once time I felt I was a such kind of woman. But I said about that, my sister flatly denied it.
Some of my firends know well what's ''the good-for-nothing guys-walker woman'', so that I talk to them a lot about that. But one side, like my sister, there certainly exist who lives in an another world. It was funny night that I knew the difference between some things.

Sunday 12th October 2003 - It's already in the middle of October.

I can be relaxed today. Since the travel to France, I've passed much of hard days. I felt merely relaxed. Besides, I had always something to draw. Some of them has its limit to hand in, much of them cannot directly connect to my earning, but I think I should do everything that I can do at present. This is a term for me to improve my technique and knowledge for drawing. I have to keep myself from going out enjoying.
Well, same to another day, one of my French friend come to my home stay in the end of this week. He will stay during about 10 days. It's not his first visit to Tokyo, nor the visit only for sightseeing, so that I don't need to guide him for everywhere that he goes.
Anyway, finally I feel so glad that I can repay my friend's kindness little by little.

Tuesday 7th October 2003 - I'd repay my French friends' kindness.

Erwan and Gaelle will come to Tokyo tomorrow. I'd been given their kindness so much when I was in Bretagne. When they come to Tokyo, they plan to stay two nights at my home. They come to Japan because of one of their friend, a Japanese and French couple will be held the wedding ceremony at Okayama, the south-west of Japan, so that they come to assist the wedding ceremony. They plan to visit several places in Japan. While they come here, they want to use this chance effectively.
Erwan was constantly saying to me that once he visited to my sister's site, following up from a part of my site, he had found much of favour with my sister's painting. So I thought that they must be seen each other. I set up a meeting with my sister and a Franco-Japonais couple, Erwan and Gaelle during their stay in Tokyo. I imagine the special brain-storming with my sister and them about the untramodern art talking. The art has no frontier.

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