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Sunday 16th November 2003 - Jogging illustraton.

I show some of my drawings on the website ''Run the Planet'';
This site object to introduce something special of the several nations and districts on the earth. You can find some of my drawings in the category of ''Asia'' -> ''Japan'' -> ''Tokyo''. The lower place in the page of ''Tokyo'', there is the Tokyo running links. I am in here ;
English =>
French =>
Japanese =>
Maybe I think this page is quite less to present, but I wanted to do something like that. I've been thinking to coraborate with someone of the overseas concerning the art(event, drawing, etc). My ''petit'' dream comes true. I cannot cease to draw fortunately for time to time someone ask me to draw. I will be continued to draw.

Sunday 2nd November 2003 - A familial buddhist service& a wine festival.

Today, our family held the buddhist service of my grandfather's 7th year after his death. Some of our relatives came from Niigata, 250km north-west from Tokyo, and others came from here and there... we met since a long interval. After the service, we all had a lunch together so we talked a lot and we spent a nice time.

In the evening, I went to the wine festival in a Japanese-French language school at Iidabashi. My French friend Marie asked me to go together. I met there two Japanese of her friends who spoke French so fluently. We four talked a lot about the difference of our culture. We talked about what we call when we ask for someone. In Eastern society, they call each other with his or her first name directly. But in Japan we call each other in case of each personal distance from ourselves. It means we should always think carefully for some several respects and differences from age, sex and so on... We call someone time to time by his first name or nickname, only his family name, his first name with ''-san'' that means a little respectfully way, and his family name with ''-san'' for most respectfully and thinking for a good distance between he and me. It depends on their lifestyle or their social positions and their living environments. I'm sure it's not easy to understand the way to call someone in Japan.

I also thought about a difference - the diffrence of simplicity of the people. I only know France because I was in there, so I cannot clearly affirm for only knowing one country in Europe or America, but I think French people are more simple than Japanese.

We can now think the virtual realism just a side of our life. For example, we have the ''2-channel'', a famous mega-virtual forum site. I think it is one of the most typic phenomen in Japan in subculture. We easily create the virtual image upon our reality. I asked three French if they had something like that in France, they said they had not have yet. In Japan we can say the virtual realism is more advanced than another countries..??

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