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The name `libapm' will be changed, but I don't have any ideas at this point. Anyone has good ideas about naming?


The information used to write these programs was obtained by analyzing Libretto individually, not provided by TOSHIBA. Therefore, they might contain fatal bugs and might cause damages to your Libretto. You can use them freely but the authors and I are not responsible for the programs. Redistribution of the programs are not restricted, but you must attach this caution and the source.

I don't know whether these programs work on any other machines but Libretto. In case of TOSHIBA's notebook machines, some function may work.

I, Ishioka, combined programs to the package. The authors of the original libapm program is Mr. Iizuka and Mr. Nomura. The author of devapm is Dr. Okamura. Thanks.



After extracting libapm-linux-1.0beta5.tar.gz , changing Makefile (especially, MANLANG and MANDIR), then make; make install. The man page will be installed by make

Note: To run this program, you must have root privilege.

See README-e.1st and man page. Run `libapm -h', and you can get simple help. And, Sample imprementation of X11 Interface (but stupid) libpanel

Screen image

% libapm
Power Management for Libretto V1.0beta5
|   0) Power-up Mode      : Hibernation                     |
|   1) Standby Time       : 0 min                           |
|   2) System Auto Off    : Disabled                        |
|   3) Panel Power On/Off : Disabled                        |
|   4) Alarm Power On     : Disabled                        |
|   5) LCD Power          : 0                               |
|   6) Volume             : low                             |
|   7) Off (Suspend/Hiber): Unknown                         |

Screen Image of Usage

% libapm -h
usage: libapm [-v --Version]
              [-h --Help]
              [-P --PowerUp {boot,hibernation}]
              [-T --StandbyTime {0,5,10,15,30,45,60,unlimit}]
              [-a --AutoOff {disable,10,20,30,40,50,60}]
              [-S --PanelSwitch {disable,enable}]
              [-A --AlarmOn {disable,<time>}]
              [-L --LcdPower {0,1,2,3}]
              [-V --Volume {0,1,2,3}]
              [-O --Off {suspend|hibernation}  Use Only >= Libretto100]
If you find any bugs, please let me know.



Dr. Okamura modified `libapm' to configure the BIOS setting through a device driver.
You can change the status through the device driver. That's cool! And you can get the current status of the BIOS by cat /proc/libapm. At the current version, only reading the status is supported, but changing the status through /proc/libapm will be supported later.


After extracting devapm-980616.tar.gz, simply run make.

Then insmod libapm.o and cat /proc/devices | grep libapm. Please watch the number (maybe 126). Then make the special device which have a major number same as above number.


% insmod libapm.o
% cat /proc/devices | grep libapm
  126 libapm
% mknod /dev/libapm c 126 0  <--- Once you make this device, you don't have to make again.
A GUI interface to this device is under utils/xlibapm. This can be built by xmkmf; make.

Run insmod libapm.o before use. You can get the BIOS settings by cat /proc/libapm.
To change the setting, use xlibapm.

Note: The xlibapm requires the xforms library.
devapm image

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